Sailing holidays…
Directions”…or some little advice to spend holidays at your best!

1. To avoid misunderstandings please read carefully the charter party carefully

2. Pay attention to the check in

3. You can’t do without a skipper If you do not have a sailing licence, especially if you charter boats requiring it. If you are licensed and experienced you don’t need it, however there are people who would rather sleep easy and relieve themselves of all responsibilities and ask for the skipper anyway.

4. If you charter a skippered boat remember he is the captain : cleaning, ironing, cooking are not among his duties!!!

5. Use the toilets, the winch and the instruments with care and follow the instructions you will receive at the check in.

6. How to choose “your” boat? Sun Odyssey, for example, is perfect both for novices who want to gain experience and 4/5 members families. It is perfect either for couples who like comfort, skippered or not. We do suggest it for short distance chartering from the PontineIslands to the Amalfi coast. Cyclades 43.4 is the most comfortable among the 4 cabins categories. It is easy to drive with a reduced crew, but still more demanding, due to its size. We do suggest it to more experienced sailors or skippered and for all kind of sailings.

7. Luggage. However large the boats may be, we suggest to carry mainly duffel or soft bags easily to stow once emptied.

8. As for the sailing remember you are not sailing a race. Take the time needed to enjoy the islands you will reach during your holiday. If you have just one week chartering, for example, we do not suggest you to go to the Eolie islands or Tuscany, since it takes from 20 to 25 hours to get there, depending on the boat and the weather (for example steady wind forward).

9. A right storeroom for 6 people for a week could be The following: 4/5 kg pasta – 6 peeled tomato cans – (white and coarse) salt - sugar - oil - garlic - basil - crackers (or the like) - some ready sauces (if you like them) – 500 g parma ham. – cheese – tomatoes –¾ tuna cans – sandwich loaf. As for breakfast : cookies, plum cakes, crispbread, jam, milk, coffee.
4 six-pack water – wines and spirits depending on the crew’s needs!

Download storeroom list

We will be at your disposal for any further useful information